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MORE IN LESS. The new slim line by Vega.

The new concept of Vega accessories is inspired by an increasingly compact and tech design, a concept that simplifies aiming at the essential in terms of design and functionality. Projects that offer high technological standards by removing superfluous material. Everything that is not needed weighs. Lightening thus becomes the art of Vega Lab which, in designing push-button panels with an attractive and minimalist design, develops electronic systems perfectly integrated with landing and car operating panels: displays, push-buttons and wiring are enclosed in ever smaller spaces, keeping high levels in terms of quality, control and functionality.

Vega's new Slim lines, all in full compliance with European standards, offer fixtures ideal for modernisation in different models and finishes, with different wiring systems, from basic to plug & play models, where the savings in installation time and costs are considerable.

The study of these lines, which are the result of intense research and development by electronic and mechanical experts, has led to the creation of latest-generation accessories together with the new faceplates. That’s the case of Alpha, Vega's new slim push button with braille; or the innovative high-resolution IRIS Slim display available in 4.3" and 7" versions.

The Compact line, already available in its basic version, is the compact and economical solution, ideal for renovations, with its 10mm thickness it offers a modern solution in stainless steel for a restyling of the car and 2 configurations for the lift floor, all thought for a simple and fast installation.

New ultra-slim fixture is represented by Vision, a line of black Cop's & Lop's that combines ecological materials and steel for an exceptional design. Accessories include the Alpha, the innovative compact slim push button in steel and zamak.

The evolution of the new line will be officially presented in Germany at Interlift 2022, the most important biennial trade fair for the lift industry. The protagonist will be Aida Slim, the new operating panel with stainless steel end caps, compliant with all accessibility standards and able to host high resolution displays developed for the slim project.

All of these projects, in line with Vega's mission, will lead the lift market by combining technology and style with the accessories of what is now one of the most popular furnishing elements in the business and private area: the elevator.


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26 November, 2021