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BOLOGNA, Mar 11 FEB - Performing at managerial level, financially reliable and, in some cases, sustainable.
Veröffentlicht auf: 12 Februar, 2020
Thanks to all the visitors who were so many and special in this edition of Interlift.
Thanks to all the visitors who were so many and special in this edition of Interlift. The trade fair has just ended but next projects and...
Veröffentlicht auf: 25 Oktober, 2019
"Just a few seconds are enough to get carried away by emotions". Skills and Italian Genius  can transform a simple gesture into a trip that...
Veröffentlicht auf: 14 Oktober, 2019
International Exhibition of Elevators and Elevators Equipment «Russian Elevator Week» - the most important event for the elevator industry...
Veröffentlicht auf: 13 Juni, 2019
luxury fixtures for elevators
Veröffentlicht auf: 3 Oktober, 2018
Vega is getting ready full of enthusiasm to the international fair EUROLIFT dedicated to the elevators that will take place at the...
Veröffentlicht auf: 19 September, 2018
Vega Brasil is working for the next main exhibition in Latin America: EXPOELEVADOR. 
Veröffentlicht auf: 31 August, 2018
10-11-12 maggio, IV edizione della convention italiana dedicata al trasporto verticale
Vega will take part to the 4th edition of  ITALIAELEVA 2018 (10-11-12 May) , the famous  Italian convention for lift associations. This...
Veröffentlicht auf: 3 Mai, 2018
Die jüngste Auflage der Interlift ist nun vorbei und VEGA hat Ihr bestes Aufzugszubehör bezüglich Innovation und Technologie zur Schau...
Veröffentlicht auf: 26 Oktober, 2017
Vega America at NAEC Convention in Orlando
As a member of NAEC, National Fixtures, our American  branch is going to participate in the 68th annual NAEC CONVENTION on the  25th and...
Veröffentlicht auf: 17 Juli, 2017
Good Design Award 2015
In 2015, Vega received a prestigious award: Vega was the winner of the Good Design Award (Chicago) thanks to our innovative Brick Touch.
Veröffentlicht auf: 30 Mai, 2017
La IV edizione del Meeting Vega dedicato alla divisione Communication si svolgerà a Roma presso il NOVOTEL ROMA EST, il 24 novembre....
Veröffentlicht auf: 8 November, 2016