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Vandal resistant electronic key to control accesses in lift.
  • Main Features
  • Models
  • Technical features
  • Keys Technical Features
  • Cutout
  • Safety: I-Button system guarantees keys that can not be reproduced.
  • Mounting: easy replacement for modernizations thanks to the dimensions suitable with all Vega push buttons.
  • Resistance: vandal resistant body with not magnetic key.
  • Easy setting: Easy programming for MASTER and SERVICE key.
  • Up to 500 programmable keys.
  • Backup management to save and transfer key(s) codes.
  • Available versions: monostable, bistable or automatic push buttons.
  • Degree of protection: IP51.


  • Monostable
  • Bistable
  • Automatic push button
  • Body: stainless steel.
  • Mounting: he button is put into the cutout (Ø 32,2) from the front and fixed by threaded ring. Available for a faceplate thickness from – 0,7 mm to 3 mm.
  • Power supply: 12 o 24V dc +-10%.
  • Wiring: terminal connectors.
  • Vandal and water-resistant.
  • Light and suitable to be located in a general keychain.
  • Keys can not be reproduced.

Electronic Key-switch to enable the lift use only to authorized passengers, in apartment buildings or professional offices where a special access control is required.

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