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Get into an elevator without even touching a button? Today it is possible thanks to Touch less Vega (TL-X) technology. An innovative system that offers different solutions to activate the lift call without touching anything.

What until yesterday was only one of the latest generation technologies studied in the Vega Lab, today represents an international need following the new Covid19 Emergency. Even the lift is responsibly called upon to give its contribution in the field of social distancing, favouring forms of activation called no-contact applicable from healthcare environments to private homes.

How to enter the elevator in an absolutely smart way? Here are the Vega solutions, for all tastes, from floor to car:

  1. Touch-less buttons. On the floor and in the car, the TL-X buttons represent the latest generation of Vega buttons implemented with proximity sensors that allow them to be activated without the need for contact.
  2. Touch-less display. Infrared technology is applied to IRIS 15.6" and 21.5" displays allowing to transform a touch display into a touch-less display with the help of a special frame.
  3. EASYTOUCH is the App for Vega plan selection downloadable from playstore that allows you to select the destination plan from your Android smartphone inside the cabin, using Bluetooth technology. You don’t have to go near any button in the cabin, the App open on the smartphone connects to the call management and displays the button panel so you can select the desired floor.
  4. SIBILLA, the new Vega voice assistant welcomes you into the cabin, interpreting your voice commands and taking you to the desired floor. The maximum evolution of no-contact way. The word as activation of the lift. In this way, hygienically delicate environments and shabbat mode contexts can be freed from any constraint to the use of touch.



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3 Junio, 2020