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Slim serial control board.
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  • Características Principales
  • Technical features
  • Warning Grounding System

MAX NUMBER OF STOPS: up to 64 by serial connection.

LIFT TYPE: hydraulic and traction lifts/homelifts, suitable for MRL systems.

SPEED: up to 4 m/s

MULTIPLEX MANAGEMENT: up to 8 lifts in the same group connected through CAN-BUS and WITHOUT additional expansions.

COMMUNICATION PROTOCOLS: 2 “VEGA serial” channels, 2 “RS485” channels, 2 “CAN-BUS” channels.
CAR POSITIONING (without additional expansions) by: magnetic sensors, incremental encoder, absolute encoder pulses via CAN-BUS.
  • Lift operations types - Hold-to-Run, 1 single call plant, collective.
  • Keypad - Fixed with graphic display (128x64 pixel).
  • Diagnostic - LEDs on board and messages on display for error alerts and board status and clock.
  • FW update - By SD card.
  • Programming - By local keypad, by PC both in local and remote.
  • Remote monitoring - With Vega Cloud system via GSM data.
  • VVVF Management - By digital or analog commands, CAN-BUS without additional expansions.


  • Dimensions: 110x280 mm
  • Power supply: 24Vdc +/- 10%.
  • Battery charger: Integrated, 12Vdc (automatic disconnection of the battery in case of turning o!), stabilized 12V auxiliary output, available even in case of power failure.
  • Safeties management: 5 inputs manageable from 24V to 110V AC/DC.


In case of installation of the device on a metal fixture, it is strongly recommended to connect the fixture to the grounding system, to avoid malfunction or damage to the electronic device installation.


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