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Central Box

Central Box

Management system of emergency calls multi-lift.
  • Funções principais
  • Technical features
  • Warning Grounding System
  • Management up to 14 Auto-Dialers.
  • Operator console management for receiving calls.
  • Application software by PC (optional) for management and control.
  • Call-list recording.
  • Transfer call function when the operator is absent.
  • (PTSN) line input.
  • Transfer Call on the external line.
  • Caller ID visualization.
  • Intercom between operator console and Auto-Dialer.
  • Conference function at 3.
  • Programming from telephone keypad.
  • Programming from PC.


  • Power supply input: 220 V. AC 50 Hz. Inputs: 16.
  • Outputs: 4 telephone lines.
  • Installation: suitable for installing on the wall.
  • Size: 313x256x72 mm


In case of installation of the device on a metal fixture, it is strongly recommended to connect the fixture to the grounding system, to avoid malfunction or damage to the electronic device installation.


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