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Encoder board for transforming discrete wiring signals (one wire per floor, binary, gray, etc.) into a proprietary serial communication protocol.
  • Hauptfunktionen
  • Technical features
  • Warning Grounding System
  • Visual programming menu (on the connected displays).
  • Input activation: positive or negative voltage (3 separate common inputs for arrows, floors and alarms).
  • Expansion boards for extending the one wire per floor mode (max 32 floors).
  • Mounting on DIN rail.
  • Dimensions: 103x72x25 mm.
  • Power supply: 12-24Vdc.


In case of installation of the device on a metal fixture, it is strongly recommended to connect the fixture to the grounding system, to avoid malfunction or damage to the electronic device installation.


Download (116.97 KB)
Download Brochure (517.72 KB)

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