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Displays, push buttons and fixtures

Area that makes displays, fixtures and push buttons for elevators and elevator platforms. Accessories resulting from the search for innovative and eco-friendly materials, combined with the creative solutions of Vega's designers and developers. Respect for the precise rules of ergonomics guarantees total accessibility.

GSM devices and emergency auto-dialers

Area that develops GSM devices and emergency auto-diallers for elevator cabins. Advanced system solutions: such as integrated fixtures and control boards; HW-SW developments on a single platform; emergency devices or remote control via Cloud for each Vega product.

Electronic circuit boards with microprocessor

Area that develops microprocessor-based electronic control boards. Devices that lie at the technological heart of Vega products. Each board is individually checked and subjected to stringent testing. Vega Control's flagship service is the Vega Cloud Control supervisory system. A system that enables all serial-connected devices to be controlled by remote access. This is done quite simply by connecting to the internet via tablet, smartphone or PC, from anywhere in the world.

Cabin door drives

Area that designs and manufactures control devices to operate the movement of cabin doors. Devices suited to any type of operator and motor. In line with Vega's philosophy, Vega Doors Control develops integrated communication systems between the doors operator board and light curtain. This means maximum levels of security, reliability and diagnostics of door areas.

Photoelectric light curtains and photocells

Area that develops photoelectric light curtains for elevators and elevating platforms. Ongoing research in this area makes it possible to develop and customise a wide range of products and accessories in line with the elevator industry's safety norms, such as UNI EN 81-20.