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This Christmas the biggest hug goes out to our Planet Earth With the promise to take even better care of it, for a future that will take us...
Publicado en: 20 Diciembre, 2022
V AMERICA is the new American branch of VEGA GROUP, the Italian company leader in accessories for elevators.
Publicado en: 5 Septiembre, 2022
3D SENSOR has been presented by Vega at Interlift 2022. It is a true innovation for European business and it is required in America by Asme...
Publicado en: 24 Junio, 2022
The first edition of Interlift after the pandemic period has just ended with great success. Vega took part with its team from all over the...
Publicado en: 28 Abril, 2022
These will be the days when the company is closed for Christmas Holidays:
Publicado en: 16 Diciembre, 2021
The new concept of Vega accessories is inspired by an increasingly compact and tech design, a concept that simplifies aiming at the...
Publicado en: 26 Noviembre, 2021
VEGA SRL is pleased to announce its participation to the Russian Elevator Week 2021 that will take place from 1st to 3rd June in Moscow.
Publicado en: 25 Mayo, 2021
Enjoy the Christmas video with which Vega wishes everyone happy holidays and a better 2021, sure that every change always leads to new...
Publicado en: 21 Diciembre, 2020
Get into an elevator without even touching a button? Today it is possible thanks to Touch less Vega (TL-X) technology. An innovative system...
Publicado en: 3 Junio, 2020
BOLOGNA, Mar 11 FEB - Performing at managerial level, financially reliable and, in some cases, sustainable.
Publicado en: 12 Febrero, 2020
Thanks to all the visitors who were so many and special in this edition of Interlift.
Gracias a todos los visitantes que también en esta edición de Interlift fueron muchos y excepcionales. La feria ha terminado pero los...
Publicado en: 25 Octubre, 2019
"Just a few seconds are enough to get carried away by emotions". Skills and Italian Genius  can transform a simple gesture into a trip that...
Publicado en: 14 Octubre, 2019
Thanks to Visual Doors App by Vega it is possible supervise the car’s doors and solve promptly any electrical or mechanical problems.
Publicado en: 29 Agosto, 2019
International Exhibition of Elevators and Elevators Equipment «Russian Elevator Week» - the most important event for the elevator industry...
Publicado en: 13 Junio, 2019
Known just as 'Juventus Stadium', the Allianz Stadium was the first Italian football arena without architectural barriers as well as the...
Publicado en: 26 Octubre, 2018
luxury fixtures for elevators
Publicado en: 3 Octubre, 2018
Vega is getting ready full of enthusiasm to the international fair EUROLIFT dedicated to the elevators that will take place at the...
Publicado en: 19 Septiembre, 2018
Vega Brasil is working for the next main exhibition in Latin America: EXPOELEVADOR. 
Publicado en: 31 Agosto, 2018
10-11-12 maggio, IV edizione della convention italiana dedicata al trasporto verticale
Vega will take part to the 4th edition of  ITALIAELEVA 2018 (10-11-12 May) , the famous  Italian convention for lift associations. This...
Publicado en: 3 Mayo, 2018
La última edición de Interlift ha terminado y en este año también VEGA ha presentado los accessorios para ascensores más innovadores y...
Publicado en: 26 Octubre, 2017